Pedro Weinzettel

About Me

Sr. IT Manager with +10 years’ experience in the B2B Gaming Industry.

Extremely driven, to acquire new and unique knowledge and skillsets, while always remaining a motivated team player, who translates business goals into action plans that improve performance, profitability, growth, and customer satisfaction.

Highly organized, detail-oriented and able to adapt quickly to changing priorities in a highly competitive, performance-driven environment. I've always proven to be a self-starter and shape results on given tasks and projects. I have also participated several times of gaming industries most important B2B shows – G2E Las Vegas, Peru GamingShow, Sagse & ICE London - and have done demos, startups and trainings around the world – United States, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Colombia, Aruba, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay and Liberia


  • Big picture thinking

  • Leadership and Teamwork

  • Gaming Market Know-How


  • Documentation

  • Pro-Automatition

  • Pro-OpenSource (not exclusive)

  • I.T. Goals

Areas of Knowledge:

  • Oracle DBA

  • Linux SysAdmin

  • I.T. Automation

  • Networkinkg: [ routing, firewalling, VPN, etc ]

  • Infrastructure


  • Spanish (Native)

  • English

Professional Experience

Octavian de Argentina S.A. - Novomatic Group Of Companies

[ 07/2010 - Present ] - [ SysAdmin · DBA · Tech Support Leader ]

As a part of my work, I travel to our customers to make demos, startups and training their employees in all of their aspects. I always try to explain everything in a very didactic way and giving practical examples involving employees. In this travels, I always learning more from our customers about this area in which I currently develop my work.

In the same way, I train all the internal support staff to be able to give them personal and professional growth within the technologies used by the company.

I make another international travels to train me about new products for the company.

I dont always keep my head in the systems, I know that the system is for our customers and I try to undestand the need of them, evaluate the requirements and fit our I.T. Solutions in the best way for them.

As part of my daily routine work, I work with Linux servers and I'm the responsible for:

Company services:

    • Primary and secondary DNS server (bind9)

    • Mail server (postfix + dovecot + rainloop web mail)

    • File server (samba + FTP + NFS)

    • FreeNAS as NFS Storage for ESXi hosts (for develop/testing)

    • Zabbix server and checks

    • Puppet server and manifests

    • YouTrack

    • xWiki as documentation platform

    • Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, MongoDB

    • OpenVPN, Racoon, IPSec, PPTP, strongSWAN

    • Linux firewall - iptables, route, vlans, fail2ban

    • Docker / Docker Compose

    • FreePBX

Internally, most commonly Linux distribution is Debian, some SLES, and one Red Hat and another Centos.

As a part our customer’s infra:

  • Manage and responsible for:

    • ~100 SLES 11 / 15 - Of which:

      • ~80 have Oracle 11g

      • ~80 have Web Servers / Web Services

      • All of them runs propietary software

  • Virtualization

    • KVM

    • Docker / Docker Compose

    • VMware (ESXi, Fault Tolerance, High availability, vSAN)

  • Windows

    • AD Management

    • Internal DNS Server

Extra knowledge about

  • Solo Learn Profile

  • PHP - NodeJS

  • IBM / Lenovo / DELL - Servers and Storages:

    • Hardware Raids (depending on throughput/redundancy needed)

    • OS / ESXi installation

    • Management web consoles

    • Health / Performance checks

    • Data mirrororing

  • VPN configuration on Linux / Cisco / Fortinet / MIKROTIK Routers


  • Program microcontrollers to automate some common tasks

  • Make some wood works at home

  • Help others regarding my areas of knowledge (and more)

  • Amateur radio operator ( LU9ABM )