Pedro Weinzettel

About Me

Sr. IT Manager with +10 years’ experience in the B2B Gaming Industry.

Extremely driven, to acquire new and unique knowledge and skillsets, while always remaining a motivated team player, who translates business goals into action plans that improve performance, profitability, growth, and customer satisfaction.

Highly organized, detail-oriented and able to adapt quickly to changing priorities in a highly competitive, performance-driven environment. I've always proven to be a self-starter and shape results on given tasks and projects. I have also participated several times of gaming industries most important B2B shows – G2E Las Vegas, Peru GamingShow, Sagse & ICE London - and have done demos, startups and trainings around the world – United States, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Colombia, Aruba, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay and Liberia


  • Big picture thinking

  • Leadership and Teamwork

  • Gaming Market Know-How


  • Documentation FAN

  • Pro-Automatition

  • Pro-OpenSource (not exclusive)

  • I.T. Goals

Areas of Knowledge:

  • Oracle DBA

  • Linux SysAdmin

  • Automation

  • Networkinkg: [ routing, firewalling, VPN, etc ]


  • Spanish (Native)

  • English

Professional Experience

Octavian de Argentina S.A. - Novomatic Group Of Companies

[ 01/07/2010 - Present ] - [ SysAdmin · DBA · Tech Support Leader ]

As a part of my work, I travel to our customers to install and implement the system and train their employees in all of their aspects. I always try to explain everything in a very didactic way and giving practical examples involving employees. In the same way, I train all the support staff to be able to give them personal and professional growth within the technologies used by the company.

I make another international travels to train me about new products on the company to Poland.

I had the glad to travel on too many sites repeatedly around America, like Chicago, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Colombia, Aruba, Peru, Paraguay, and too many Argentine provinces, installing, training and always learning more from our customers about this area in which I currently develop my work.

I dont always keep my head in the systems, I know that the system is for our customers and I try to undestand the need of them, evaluate the requirements and fit our system in the best way for they.

As part of my daily work, I work with Linux servers and I'm the responsible for:

Company services:

    • Primary and secondary DNS server (bind9)

    • Mail server (postfix + dovecot + rainloop web mail)

    • File server (samba + FTP + NFS)

    • FreeNAS as NFS Storage for ESXi hosts (develop/testing)

    • Zabbix server and checks

    • Puppet server and manifests

    • YouTrack ( Issue tracker )

    • Wiki and documentation

    • Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server

    • OpenVPN, Racoon, IPSec, PPTP, strongSWAN

    • Linux firewall - iptables, route, vlans, fail2ban

    • Docker / Docker Compose

    • FreePBX

Internally, most commonly Linux distribution is Debian, some SLES, and one Red Hat and another Centos.

As a part our customer’s infra:

  • Manage and responsible for:

    • ~100 SLES 11 / 15 - Of which:

      • ~80 have Oracle 11g

      • ~80 have Web Servers / Web Services

      • All of them runs propietary software

  • Virtualization

    • KVM

    • Docker / Docker Compose

    • VMware (ESXi, Fault Tolerance, High availability, vSAN)

  • Windows

    • AD Management

    • Internal DNS Server

Some knowledge about

  • Solo Learn Profile

  • IBM / Lenovo / DELL Servers

    • Hardware Raids (0, 1, 5, 6, 10 - depending on IO/redundancy needed)

    • OS / ESXi installation

    • Management web consoles

    • Health checks

  • VPN configuration on Linux / Cisco / Fortinet / MIKROTIK Routers

Side projects:


  • Program microcontrollers to automate some common tasks

  • Make some wood works at home

  • Help others regarding my areas of knowledge (and more)

  • Amateur radio operator ( LU9ABM )